That's head


What makes a native desktop app look like a native desktop app?
A thread by Anton Lovchikov from Evil Martians.
For the “High-Fidelity” N00bs
A well written explanation of Hi-Fi, Dolby Atmos, and Apple Music's recently introduced support for them.
Noel's Fun Facts
Love the color picker.
GT – Web Fonts Guide
Another great resource from GT for using web fonts in general.
Grilli Type - Instagram
Check out the GT Academy collection. What an amazing resource to learn about typography.
An intuitive bookmark manager that I'm using to curate this list.
Personal website of Rasmus Andersson.
An early-stage product to keep book notes, quotes, and share reading lists with friends. Go and sign-up for the beta waitlist!
An amazing spotlight replacement for macOS, made me uninstall Alfred after 15 mins or so.
San Francisco(s)
31 posters about the city of San Francisco.
GT America
My favorite typeface, also used in this website.
Chrome is Bad
I've been using Safari as my main browser since 2018, can recommend to every macOS user.
App Dissection
Most of the apps are redesigned but Brian's comments are still valid.
Don’t Blame Social Media. Blame Capitalism.
Surpriseee! It's bigger than tech.
Intellectual Humility
The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don't know that you're a member.
7 Principles of Rich Web Applications
After reading the ideological origins, it's fascinating to see where Next.js is now.
Dense Discovery
My favorite weekly newsletter on technology, design and culture.
The Social Dilemma
A documentary that investigates how the best minds of our generation are spending their precious willpower: making people click more ads.
Chill Institute
A complementary torrent search service to enhance your experience.
Andy Matuschak's working notes
I'm amazed by the content and structure. Pushing pages to the right stack looks genuine.
Humane by Design
A go-to resource on how to design more ethical and human centric services.
Ethical alternatives to well-known software products.
The Ad-Based Internet Is About to Collapse. What Comes Next?
How to build a better digital public sphere to honor the origins of the internet.
*privacy not included
Privacy inspection for the products that connect to our digital identities.
Dark Mode Design
A showcase for good looking dark-mode websites.
Checklist Design
A useful collection of checklists on various design topics.
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
An excerpt from Mark's zero-bullshit self-help book.
A video-conferencing app with a clean design. Works well in the web browser with no hustle and doesn't try to capture all the possible information from guests.
My best products are joke
When and how to use humor in copywriting.
Website Carbon Calculator
How is your website impacting the planet?
Group Chat: The Best Way to Totally Stress Out Your Team
How Basecamp overcomes the negatives of group chat by encouraging asyncronous communication.