Book notes
The Conscious Creative

The Conscious Creative by Kelly Small

Read in November 2020

"I am committed to acting as ethically as I can while accepting my compulsory participation in a problematic capitalist paradigm."

It's an helpful read, but I'm worried the term "creative" might push some potential readers back. I often perceive myself as a ticket machine than a creative as a software engineer working at FinTech. Yet, I found it golden since I'm going through similar mental struggles.

It's mostly referring to the people working in the tech industry but could reach a broader audience. It's a great reference for every member of modern society (who is open to change) to become more mindful of their actions.

The author has an empathic and energizing tone that motivates us to come together, educate each other, and take action. I hope The Conscious Creative reaches more people in various industries, especially those who have executive leverage. It could also have a positive side-effect of nudging readers to move to Canada; I browsed for jobs while reading.

The book instills awareness on various topics within the social, economic, and environmental aspects of our time. It helps us to identify our values, acknowledge our position in the industry, and be more proactive in making more considerate decisions.

It's realistic as well: "Making a shift in our overall impact doesn't have to involve a radical lifestyle overhaul. Start small."