An imperfect coffee bean package

November 9, 2020
1 min read
This is from Bonanza.
It looks modern and sterile, but not as convenient as Oslo's.
Getting a perfectly filled spoon is hard when it's running low. It occupies more space due to having a larger volume.
Bonanza also sells a glass jar, maybe they want people to buy that. It looks like it belongs to my high-school's chemistry lab. One day we had an accident in there. A student broke a bottle and spilled ammonia to the ground. The whole floor smelt awful for the rest of the week. I remember that ammonia smell whenever I see this brown glass. I also hate pickles and they come in a jar too.
The initial opening of this package can be troublesome. Need to be cautious and patient.
Not my inherent traits if I haven't had a coffee yet.

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