Pricing is not just a way to get money, it's also a marketing tool. Marketing changes your pricing, and pricing changes your marketing.
When you are the cheapest, you are not promising change.
You are promising the same, but cheaper.

Why not make everything free?

Engagement of a transaction removes the feeling of "worthless".
You need cash flow to improve the service.
Use free ideas that spread to raise awareness -> Akimbo podcast.
Build expensive expressions of those ideas that worth paying for -> altMBA.

Generous doesn't mean free

Money supports our commitment to the practice, and it's how our society signifies enrollment.
The person who paid for your scarce time and output is more likely to value, share, and take it seriously.

Plausible vs Fathom

I'd love to use Fathom because of my appreciation to Paul Jarvis, but Plausible has a lower base plan and it's cheaper in general.
It doesn't mean they are bad, rather more welcoming.

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