The Trap: What Happened to Our Dreams of Freedom

August 7, 2020
6 min read
Notes from the BBC documentary: The Trap

Episode 1

  • cold war game theory RAND the company
  • john nash wanted to use the same eq in daily life but he was sizofren
  • however his works influenced a lot of people
  • rd laing was a psychiatrist and one of them
  • started a movement by indicating the fact that game theory is actually applicable in daily life
  • made thud experiment by sending non-mentally ill people to clinics in usa and they said they’re just hearing some voice but rest is ok
  • clinics diagnosed those people as ill and treated for 2 months
  • then laing announced that was an experiment and wtf u did guys
  • clinics said sent us more and we won’t be wrong from now on
  • clinics said there are 41 fake ppl but nobody sent fake ppl
  • that bullshit lead to the development of a new diagnose system based on the questions you answer and learn if you’re mentally ill or not (dr. robert spitzer)
  • turns out 50% of america is crazy
  • and having a mentally unstable state is more normalized since everybody is crazy
  • you are more conscious and know what to do?
  • game theory also helped UK to send corrupt politicians and elite people away
  • james buchanan told margaret thatcher about the public choice
  • people were convinced those corrupts were harming the country
  • thatcher had consultants who made tv shows like sitcom (bisi bisi minister)
  • alain eithoven
  • old rand employee, was considering different strategies for possible nuclear war scenarios
  • prefers analytical thinking instead of patriotism for pentagon

Episode 2

  • bill clinton elected with lots of promises about reforms
  • but the government had so many debts so his financial advisors told him not to borrow any money just let the market flow.
  • as time time passes, capitalism played a big role for society in every area.
  • the idea of democracy has been taken over by a simplified economic model of human beings.
  • freedom was re-defined as the ability of individuals to get whatever they wanted.
  • genes and game theory
  • people are MACHINE LIKE CREATURES to be players of the market
  • drug companies and fixing mental problems with prozac
  • now all of the people diagnosed as mentally ill on first episode are using pills lol
  • robert spitzer comes again and refactors the diagnose to focus on only observable symptoms
  • but it was actually good because of MACHINIZATION (?)
  • defining “targets” as performance evaluation for some facilities lead to very ridiculous things in britain
  • such as hospitals scheduling operations to patient's holiday date and bringing up the “HELLO Nurses” (what? we took care of him :D??)
  • police reporting various events (like robbery) as vague things doesn’t affect the crime rate calculations
  • leaving things to the free market lead to big inequalities in society
  • politicians have become tools of elites and they have big affect on the market
  • economic model of society is rethought (from game theory + self interest = human as businessman in a free market because we are all rational) to behavioral economics which we are not rational
  • experiments lead that only two groups in society actually behave in rational self interested way -> economist themselves and psychopaths (lel)

Episode 3

  • freedom is a problem after 2nd world war
  • even soviets who claim to have freedom starts to kill hungarians who trying to gain their freedom from communism
  • Isaiah Berlin thinks about the freedom and comes up with two branches: positive liberty and negative liberty
  • positive liberty: if you have so much freedom to people they are confused. they need to become more rational and logical beings and leaders try so hard for that so they kill their own people.
  • negative liberty: freedom of individuals but power should be restrained (similar vision to free market)
  • J.P. Sartre and some people from 3rd world country who educated in Paris think that all of the societies should be liberated from tyranny and it will come with the terror
  • Those countries made some revolutions but the problem was there were dictators backed by USA
  • but USA’s dictator backing policies does not work for Iran, believers of SERIAT (yine Fransa’da egitim goren bi adamin soy adindan geliyormus) has defeated SAH
  • then Ronald Reagan elected and USA reformed their outside strategies to back democratic movements against dictators
  • some of them worked but the main idea was make public to believe in democracy (by giving them some rights) but the main management power is still in the hand of elites
  • after the collapse of soviet union and similar regimes, there’s a common belief the only thing works right now is liberal democracy
  • Russia elected a new guy called Yeltsin and USA decided to support him by privatizing the facilities and free market
  • in first two episodes, we’ve seen what free market did to Britain and USA in 1980’s and worse happened to Russia
  • money become worthless and people sold their own belongings to get very basic goods
  • when privatization started, every Russian was given vouchers to buy shares in those companies
  • most of them sold those to ruthless businessman (then evolved an elite group called OLIGARCHS)
  • Yeltsin suspended the parliament, ordered army to attack to the protestors and became a puppet of the oligarchs
  • then Putin came to the rescue by arresting those oligarchs and supporting a national economy
  • after Tony Blair came to the power in Britain in 21th century, he wrote a letter to Berlin like is it possible to combine two liberty paths (he never replied because dying)
  • he decided to try this idea (Kosovo - Serbia) by convincing NATO to western countries has the duty of helping others fighting with the tyranny
  • then 9/11 happened and they decided to become democracy providers / liberators (same approach with the Russia / Yeltsin)
  • Iraqi people wanted the real democracy instead of USA controlled market and USA backed politicians and they’re trying to get it with radical islam
  • radical islamists bombed London because the citizens were supporting the invaders and Blair come up with new legal regulations (deporting and etc)
  • that, again, transformed a negative liberty attempt to a positive one
  • political leaders have the power of deciding the right free individual, who is a potential terrorist or not….