Personal values

How we spend to choose our time is a reflection of our values. Many of us state what we wish we had to cover up the values we have. Disconnection from the values triggers an escapist behavior. That means we play video games or binge-watch stuff all day.
When we get trapped in the web of stresses in daily life, we escape to find ourselves. This is a repetitive process to examine why we are doing what we are doing, eliminate what we don't value, or change our priorities. This process eventually leads to a change in our values.

Good Values vs Bad Values

Evidence-based (what we know) – Emotion-based (what we feel)
Constructive (learning martial arts to grow body) – Destructive (learning martial arts to kick people's ass)
Controllable (what/how we create) – Uncontrollable (how much we earn)
The Formula of Humanity is a good lead to choose our primitive values.


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