Thoughts on stuff that bugs me.

How to build your own hedonic treadmill.

December 21, 2020·7 mins read

Exploring my boundaries of self-destruction.

December 16, 2020·5 mins read

Don't be a daydreaming fucktard.

December 11, 2020·4 mins read

My justification for paying 3.29 EUR per month for something free.

December 5, 2020·6 mins read

A definition of manipulation from Seth Godin.

November 15, 2020·1 min read

You can read, you can code. So why not?

November 9, 2020·4 mins read

How I imagine my utopia.

November 8, 2020·1 min read

It's more pleasant than playing 300 games of League of Legends during the lockdown.

November 5, 2020·6 mins read

Seriously, wtf?

November 5, 2020·1 mins read

Using a 450KB library to render text was not my brightest decision.

November 1, 2020·3 mins read

A brief revisit of how we represent states while building user-interfaces.

February 22, 2020·4 mins read

Now you can too.

April 14, 2019·17 mins read