what I do

I live in Berlin and work at Klarna as a software engineer.
I also work on other projects on the side; the most prominent is putio.
I read, listen, or have a silent conversation with this turtle statue in Volkspark Friedrichshain in my free time.

what I enjoy

using things that are solving my problems.
building things that are solving problems I empathize with.
creating systems based on iteration and supported by literature.
consistent change. getting better at knowing when to quit and find somewhere else where I can add more value.

who I admire

the big three
naval ravikant, derek sivers, seth godin
productive three
cal newport, james clear, make time duo
designer three
austin kleon, brian lovin, andy j. pizza
hacker three
guillermo rauch, scott wlatschin, dan abramov
in-ear three
christian löffler, hælos, jakuzi
on-screen three
phoebe waller-bridge, ricky gervais, louis ck

what I did

  • 2020, oct: built this website.
  • 2020, jan: switched to the app client core team, which is responsible for architecture, performance and many other things related to klarna consumer app.
  • 2019, may: got a promising offer from the swedish fintech decacorn klarna and joined to consumer growth and loyalty domain. worked on 3rd-party integrations to provide marketeers meticulous ways to communicate with the users.
  • 2018, oct: relocated to berlin and joined lisk, a cryptocurrency startup. worked on the mobile wallet. built some cool stuff such as the react-native imessage bridge, which we had a chance a talk about in the react berlin meetup.
  • 2018, june: had a month-long london trip with colleagues from, was my first time abroad. turkey went through another non-promising election that gave a hint of what will keep happening in the country for the next decade.
  • 2017: joined, a cloud-storage service that downloads publicly available files at high speeds. it saves you both time and money. took over the web app and built clients for iOS, tvOS, roku, tizen tv, and android tv.

  • 2016: graduated and started working at vispera, a computer-vision and image recognition startup. built data visualization and forms with a bunch of fields.
  • 2015 to 2016: front-end developer internships at taze and peergust
  • 2015: did an incompetent yet motivating coding bootcamp. quit all the off-school things to focus on graduating on time. took classes from visual communication design and computer science departments. learned a lot by building tangible things**, and met with many smart people.
  • 2013 to 2015: worked as staff writer at bant mag, an independent arts magazine. it was my dream job around that time. mostly worked on the news website, also wrote album/live-show reviews and did interviews for the monthly issue.
  • 2012: moved to istanbul. started studying mechanical engineering at istanbul bilgi university.

  • 2010 to 2013: started a music blog and internet radio called bagimsiz alternatif with tasteful friends. our peak was around 30 listeners per show, so it radically shaped the culture.
  • 2010 to 2012: played around with ableton and built some random stuff.
  • 2008 to 2009: published a fanzine called Uzak, with friends who were also poetically suffering from puberty.
  • 2007 to 2012: played drums in punk and indie rock bands till the end of high school. recorded a demo with the most memorable one, manevra.
  • 2007: built a non-official website for my middle school. took it down after one week because teachers read the comments written by students in the forum and wanted to sue me.
  • 1994 to 2006: wanted to become a footballer and/or do computer stuff. I'm still fairly good at FIFA.
  • 2000: moved to antalya, turkey
  • 1994: born in kayseri, turkey