Transparent business

November 8, 2020·1 min read

If I start a company one day, I'd love it to be as transparent as possible. Not only internal, also for the audience. It's a great way of establishing trust. Leaves no room manipulation. Shows that you are a human. Boosts my sympathy for small businesses.

Developing in the open is a way to do that:

Being financially open is another way:

Doing both is awesome:

How I would imagine my utopia

You will know how much money we need to survive and how much more we need to divide more time to improve. You can make one-time or recurring donations. We appreciate every dime, so everyone will know you are one of the Patreons who make this possible.

Source code, design discussions, roadmap... Everything we do is open to members (or even public). We appreciate every effort. If you're willing to contribute, we will make sure to compensate. You will also get a shiny contributor badge and SWAG.